Weekly Simplicity Tips and New Holiday Plan

1. Start your holiday plan.

2. Assemble ingredients before you cook.

3. Find out what is going on for the holidays in your town.

4. The time change is a good time to practice getting up a few minutes earlier in the morning.

5. Post your goals on your whiteboard so you can see them often.

6. Get caught up on your emails.

7. Make thanksgiving cards for your family.

Holiday Planning

Here is the holiday plan you have been waiting for. A simple plan to help you organize the holidays.

Plan includes:

  • a checklist for each week
  • simple steps to take to create the holiday you want
  • short cuts and simplifications for many holiday tasks
  • questions to help you decide what is important to you and your family
  • worksheets and planner pages in their native format so you can re-use and personalize them to your needs
  • Plus it is in blog format along with being sent by email so you can join others as you start to simplify your holiday

And since I know money is tight it’s just $2 bucks.




Get your Weekly Tips and the 2008 Declutter Calendar here (2009 calendar will be ready next Monday, it’s just about done):