Weekly Simplicity Tips and Simple Self Care

The kids left on a mission trip to help with houses in Georgia. I am hoping to get some extra writing time and husband time this week.

  1. Work on an incomplete project.
  2. Set aside hobby time.
  3. Have you been using your declutter calendar? If not, start with today’s date.
  4. Clear your mind with journaling or making a list before bed.
  5. Gather mail and papers to sort.
  6. Pay off your credit cards each month or create/update a debt reduction plan.
  7. Get a massage even if you have to swap with someone


New Simple Self Care Playbook

I got an email from someone saying they would like to do the Simple Self Care Program, but didn’t need the coaching and did I have it in eBook form. I replied, "No I don’t, but that’s a great idea!" So I spent the past few days putting the self care program into a workbook, I mean Playbook.

You can find it right under the Simple Self Care Program:


(It’s also more affordable if the self-care program was too much.)


1 open coaching spot – 1 spot filled, 1 to go

Having trouble decluttering, simplifying or finishing that project? Would you like one on one accountability and personalized help? Do you feel stuck somewhere and could use support to get through that? How would it feel to be able to move forward on that big goal?

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