Weekly Simplicity Tips & Declutter Group starts today


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. Brea is now taking walks – though she still uses the boot for long trips. The honeycrisp apples and cider are now at the farmer’s market. I got the brochure for our local college for when plays, dance recitals, music and writer’s nights are happening. Many are free and nothing is over $15. I love putting these into the calendar.

Here’s a personal post I did for Morning Gratitudes – Strength, Grief and Gratitude:

Warmly, Beth

Weekly Tips


  1. Do you feel balanced between time spent on body, emotions, spirit and mind? Or do you spend much more time in one area?
  2. Play with being positive today.
  3. Put something away that you have spent too much time walking around or over.
  4. How can you best love yourself today?
  5. If you are feeling stuck, notice what progress you have made so far.
  6. Look at your October calendar. Is there anything you need to prepare for?
  7. Work to a standard, not to a schedule.


Starts Monday Sept 24

Declutter Group

This looks like it’s going to be a great group. Some have already started de-cluttering with some pre-challenges. Why do I think the declutter group would be helpful to you?

  • You can establish the declutter habit
  • You can get unstuck if you have not been decluttering
  • You can get help with specific items and declutter situations. Wouldn’t you love to go, "I have this ______, what should I do with it?"
  • A group to cheer you on and to be accountable to

Starts Sept 24, 2012

And just to let you know, the price next year is going up. This is time consuming for me, so even though I love running the group I need to up the price for January. It’s $37 right now, so tons cheaper than most facilitated groups.


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