Weekly Simplicity Tips & Time Course starts June 25

Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. The time class starts June 25th, not tonight. I was a week off after vacation 🙂 Jeff had a half day so we took Brea to Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park. Unusual animals and you can get pretty close to them. Brea especially liked the serval cat.


And following the Iquana when it escaped.



I am also so excited to have gotten tickets to meet my friend from South Africa for the first time. I haven’t flown in an airplane for years, so a little nervous. She is going to be in the States in Charlotte, North Carolina in July. Anyone from there who can tell us what not to miss?

Warmly, Beth


  1. How are you doing on your self-care?
  2. Donate three things that drain your energy.
  3. How can you make something you don’t like to do, into something more enjoyable this week?
  4. Finish something you want to release into the world.
  5. Create a few moments of full, unconnected to technology rest.
  6. Speak only good of others for one day. See how you feel.
  7. Research how to make one thing in your life easier.


Change Your Relationship to Time Class – Starts June 25

time class

For those of you that are tired of feeling hurried and tense all the time:



I know a lot of you are crafters and I thought you might be interested in this:

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