Were You Put Here to Fail?

Good morning. It is going to be a fantastic day! Last night my husband said it was too nice of a day to miss. So, after the kids got their homework done we drove down to a forest with a creek to walk to trails. The air was so fresh. We were the only ones there. When we stopped, we heard nothing but birds, breeze, and squirrels. I am so glad we didn’t miss that day by a to-do list.

I found an excellent phrase in a book I was reading last night. “The fact is I must have been put on earth to succeed. I don’t have to apologize to anyone for being a success, or for trying to succeed, since I have an obligation, a responsibility, to use my abilities to the fullest.” -Keith DeGreen in his book Creating a Successful Environment. He goes on to say do you really believe we were put here to fail? Now this success is not necessarily making lots of money and having prestige. Being successful is about using your gifts and creating a life you love living. One that only you can live.

On another note, on a message board someone was requesting information on how to get more energy. This is my reply: One way is by quitting my procrastination. I am noticing a lot more energy if I do things instead of thinking about them for weeks or months, then do them.

Another thing is put low energy and high energy things together. If I have to go on an errand I hate, I can stop by the bookstore to recharge. Or mopping can be followed by novel reading.

Doing the opposite of what I am doing also helps my energy. If I am at my desk for awhile- walking, dancing, or cleaning can energize. If I have been working really hard on a physical project, then I can relax by reading or checking e-mail.

More energy tips: Drink lots of water
Take deep breaths
Visualize great outcomes
Step outside or at least look out a window
Keep the TV off till evening
Flowers around the house or other things I like to look at
Make sure I am eating
Playing a song on the piano

What creates energy for you?

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