What are you good at?

Part of simplifying is to hone in on your talents and personality. Know what you love and what you are good at. Then spend most of your time doing that.

Instead many times we are focused on our weaknesses. It’s important to work on some problems, like procrastination, just to help make your life work. But, don’t spend all your free time working with your weaknessess.

Try playing with your strengths. Do you like to write – write daily, join groups, take classes. Are you great at bringing people together? Play with your networking skills, start a group, put time in your planner for this activity. Are you a great cook? Practice and learn so you can become a fantastic cook.

And if you think you aren’t good at anything, that just means you have talents that are underutilized. Try different things until you find things that fit. Think about what comes easy to you. Remember your childhood and what you excelled at. These aren’t just talents like music or math. They can be certain people skills. It can be puzzle solving. It can be persistence in tackling difficulties. It can be spreading joy.

What are your top talents? Can you add time to practice and increase your knowledge of your talent? Even if it means spending less time fixing a personality quirk or beating yourself up about not being perfect.