What did you learn from the Declutter Challenge?


I love reading about what people learned from the little and often Declutter Challenge.

Fruitful Words said she realized she has had unrealistic expectations about how much she can do at one time. She was able to congratulate herself even on days when she could only declutter 1 item. Read all her lessons learned here.

In Have List, Will Follow, she realized it’s hard to find things to declutter even when she knows they have too much stuff. She says it was helpful to see what others were decluttering.

Did you learn anything? How will you keep decluttering?


  • Ruth says:

    I’m such a packrat that I always find decluttering hard. I want to hold on to everything forever. Now I realize that I can’t keep carting everything with me and that there is a time and a place to let some things go, so it was very helpful to see what others were decluttering. Between the challenge and the things I’ve learned about recreating my space from Jill Butler’s book Create the Space You Deserve, I’m even more committed to keeping my home and my life decluttered.

  • Maria says:

    I learn a lot about myself and my fears by what I avoid decluttering. These items tend to be things like piles of unopened financial statements and a lot of stuff form my past – birthday cards, letters, photos. I’ve found that a huge weight is lifted off of my shoulders when I finally go through that which I’ve been dreading and see that the world isn’t coming to an end (although finding a $3000 collection notice comes close!). I’ve also found that by getting rid of things that I don’t love, I open up space in my life for new opportunities or things that I do love.

    Thanks for the tips you left on my blog!

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  • trish says:

    I’ve learned that I’m not alone–far from it, judging from the response to Beth’s and Marcia’s challenge here. I’ve also learned that, though I thought I had no problems getting rid of stuff all the time (boxes and boxes are dropped off at goodwill every month), there was a big difference between getting rid of the easy, superficial stuff (junk I know I’ll never miss) and getting rid of stuff I think I should keep but really have no reason to.
    Thanks again to you and Marcia for hosting this challenge.

  • Beth, I’m having trouble getting into your chat room. Can we skype?

  • Joan J says:

    I learned that I’m prone to organize clutter. I pride myself in being organized, but when I started looking for clutter, there it was — organized! Mine isn’t as much about junk as it is about keeping things I don’t use, love or need. I have to find some system to declutter those things that don’t meet that criteria. What I used a year ago, I may not use today. What I loved 10 years ago, I may not love today. So keeping on top of what is and isn’t clutter is my long-term goal!

  • Beth says:

    Ruth, thanks for the book idea.

    Thanks for sharing what you learned everyone!

    Excellent goal Joan!

  • Sherry says:

    I learned that I need goals. I didn’t realize that I am a list making. I don’t have lists sitting around or in my purse but I realized that in a way I am. If I write down my goals then that is sort of like a list.
    I am still working on some of those de-clutter projects though.
    But I am glad you gave us the idea to get started on it. It was a lot of fun to do it together.
    You rock!

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