What Do the Experts Say?


Some experts say making your bed every day brings more discipline and you are more likely to exercise. Some say it’s better to air out your sheets. Some experts say a messy desk impedes work. Others say a clean desk impedes creativity.

If you exercise in the morning, they say you are more likely to make it a habit. Afternoon exercise can give you a lift from the afternoon slump. Evening exercise releases the day’s stress.

Experts can tell you how to be more productive, have the best body and clean your house. But, none of them are you.

What works for you is what works for you. My friend and accountability partner, Marcia, loves the Konmari method of decluttering. That way does not remotely work for me and I teach what worked for me in my declutter class.

Personally sometimes I make my bed and sometimes it’s more like a nest surrounded by books for break time.

My desk is rarely completely cleaned but I clear it off every few days. (Currently though, as it’s the week before show time for the musical I am in and the desk is pretty messy.) But, no matter how busy I am I always put my makeup and grooming supplies away in the bathroom when I’m done. It makes me cringe to see them cluttering the sink.

The good news is there is most likely some expert that says the way you like to do things is the “right” way.  So now you can concentrate on figuring out what works for you. This means experimenting not trying to fit into a mold. Exercise at different points in the day and see which feels best. What breakfast gives you the most energy? Does taking a break every 15 minutes, 25 minutes or 90 minutes keep you on track best? What part of home care needs to take priority because it matters a lot to you or your family?

There can also be multiple ways to live your life as well. I rarely do the exact same morning routine, but the elements are there most days of the week. Some days I like to start with exercise. Some days I like to ease into exercise after some quiet time. One day may have more meditation, one more journaling, one more music. I check in to see what I need most that day.

When situations changed – different marital or children status, new work hours, a health concern, care-giving, etc. then you can experiment again to find what is most helpful in this new situation.

What will you experiment with today?

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  • Pam says:

    Wonderfully said! Thank you for reminding me that I don’t have to “fit” into just one mold. I have found from past experiences, when I don’t accomplish the task exactly, I feel like a failure. Now I realize I can pick and choose what works best for me!

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