I am upgrading my simplicity course right now. I want to make sure it will help your needs.Â

What is most complicated about your life right now?

What needs simplifying most?

What questions do you have about simplifying?

What would you most like to learn about in creating a saner, simpler life?

You don’t have to answer all the questions.

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  • Kim Kotecki

    What great questions! My husband and I have found that most people are juggling too many things. Life is too busy! So, to answer your question about what is most complicated, I would say being overstretched and overscheduled. Most of the families we work with say that priorities need to be simplified. Since this is an instant gratification culture, we tend to think we need to have it all, do it all, and be it all. At the end of the day we fall into bed exhausted and wondering if we can muster up enough energy and courage to do it all over again tomrorow. Thanks for your efforts! This is such a foundational part of our lives!!

  • Carolyn

    How about simplifying our desires so we can feel content and at peace. There’s so much buzzing around in our heads from the media telling us what we want when we would never have known we wanted it before.

    Then there’s the physical clutter that zaps our energy and overwhelms us. Removing the chaos would definately simplify things.

  • Marcia Francois

    For me, it’s information overload. Magazines, email, newsletters, blogs (this is a reall biggie). And it’s worse when I’m doing research for a workshop I want to present.

    I read an excellent article just this morning on reading only things that contribute towards your life purpose from Kim at Moms World Online. Sorry – I don’t have the website link.

    Straight after that, I decided that I need to stop reading everything and anything (I love learning – Beth, you know my problem with books 🙂 ). I mean, I’m not even a mom yet and I subscribe to so many parenting and mom newsletters!

    Maybe you want to write a blog post on how you deal with this – I’d really love to know.

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