What Do You Want?


Moving Towards Simplicity

I believe one of the best ways to get to the core of what’s important to you and to travel the road towards simplicity is to ask the right questions. So I am starting a series called Moving Towards Simplicity. You can answer these questions in your journal, in the comments below or at the MySimplerLife Facebook page.

Question #4:

What Do You Want?

We’ve been told we can’t have what we want. Or we shouldn’t want things. We don’t like to admit our desires. But, then how can we go towards them?

I want peace. Space for deep thinking and reflection. I want to make my own choices. I want family time and a growing business. I want to take my daughter traveling. Wonder. Joy. Love. Health. Music. I want to cherish my moments. I want to dance. I want to expand my comfort zone and to feel more energetic. I want new kitchen curtains.

How about you? I want…

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