What Energy are You Shooting Out?


Question #8 asked you, "How do you feel energy-wise?" And I didn’t mean this in a health, energy way though that is probably included.

Usually, I exude a calm energy and people feel more peaceful around me. And when I don’t, that usually means I am trying to do too much.

The other day I was at the grocery store, standing in line agitated. I had just dropped my daughter off at a friends house and there was only a couple hours left to finish work before my husband got home. One person was ahead of me in line and they were going sooooo slow. I started feeling this anxious energy.

Did I really want to be one of those people hurrying the person ahead of them? No, I decided I didn’t want to be shooting out agitation. People have enough of that in there daily lives.

So I started breathing deeply, and thinking of myself in a calm place. When the lady was done purchasing her groceries she gave me a smile. Maybe to thank me for not rushing her.

Perhaps your normal energy isn’t calm. I know so high-energy people that make you want to move just being around them. And some have spontaneous or creative energy. When you go into a room, what do people feel in your presence. If you don’t know, you can ask.

Is this the energy you want to be sending out? Is there something you need to do schedule wise to have people feel differently in your presence? Are you trying to mask your original energy?

I know for years I tried to be that enthusiastic, rah-rah person that I thought people expected of me. I feel much better when I am me.


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