What I Love About Summer


Summer is the apex of a simpler life. Slowing down, more family time together, wandering.

Here’s what I love about summer:

  • Hanging out at Lake Michigan. It’s always cooler at the lake and I love being in the water. And we love the sunsets.
  • Camping "Up North" and elsewhere.
  • Kids are out of school so we have extra time together.
  • Spending time outside – gardening, walking, biking, playing tennis, frisbee and croquet.


  • Watching fireworks, catching lightning bugs and enjoying the night.
  • Going on family vacations – this year it’s Tennessee.

  • Saturday at the farmer’s market and picking berries.
  • Celebrating the kid’s birthdays.

daughter's bday

  • Summer reading in the hammock.
  • Seeing Summer Repertory Theater.

What do you love about summer? And will you plan for some summer fun this year?


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  • I love how much Brea looks like you 🙂

    And for me? My best is a tall glass of water with a slice of lemon – so refreshing!

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