What I Want to Finish Up from Last Year


In year’s past I would rush into January full speed ahead with goals and plans. But, I realized I  need to clear out last year before I can begin this year. To make room for goals, plans and projects I want to finish up stuff from last year. Before I start any new plans here is what I want to do:

  1. Read Daniel’s book
  2. Add counter to church web site
  3. Get completely caught up with any back log of email
  4. Change my wireless plan
  5. Look into a credit union
  6. Send thank you notes and congrat card
  7. Set up expert page at Self Growth
  8. Updating to the new Quicken
  9. Put away book piles
  10. Delete many old actions that I wanted to do in 2007 and aren’t important enough to do in 2008 either

What do you want to clear up from last year so you can move into this year with a clean slate?



  • robin says:

    mostly just re-do the budget so finances are clearly understood, where we really are, what our goals are for this year. An other clutter clearing junk would fall under emotional baggage to get rid of!

  • Christina says:

    Thanks for making me think about what is most important for me to do in the next year. My big priority this year is to work on a budget and to get my finances in order and start repaying my debts.

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