What if there wasn’t anything wrong with your productivity levels? What if you were as productive as you need to be, to do what is yours to do?

Maybe there is nothing wrong with how much you got done today, except guilt over what you didn’t get done today.

You can’t know. The “truth” that you should have done more, may not be the truth.

Sit with those questions and suggestions awhile as your inner critic goes wild. Soon that voice will settle down. Now what does your soul say on the other side of all that?


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  • Veronica Combs

    This possibility just occurred to me last week. I am constantly down on myself and looking at all the tasks not done, as opposed to all the work I have completed.

    Thanks for putting this in an even better context. The “sit with this and see what happens” is so helpful for me. I tend to want an instant decision – “This is the way forward!” – when in reality it takes time to shift a way of thinking.


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