What is Clutter and Debt Hiding?

Victoria said, “I recently became aware that my three main goals (declutter home/office/life), get out of debt, and finding a dream job have all been accomplished after years of hard work and determination. Now what? How do I maintain what I have and keep it fresh and enjoyable? Do I continue to set mindful goals and for what purpose? I am content and enjoying my life. Having reached nirvana (by some arbitrary criteria), I still ask, “What next?” Typical of the human condition, eh?”

The three things that Victoria mentions are what keep a lot of people stuck.  Clutter, debt and a job you hate all suck vitality and energy out of your life. Once these are fixed, you have more clarity for what you really want in life.

Getting rid of some of the baggage gives you time to think and reflect.


What do you want? Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go? What excites you?

Maybe you find you are drawn to a cause and you want to volunteer. Maybe travel is calling you. Maybe you want to learn a language or learn to sew. Maybe you want to create fantastic times with your friends. Maybe you want to fill your life with art, music and culture. Everyone is made differently so try different things and see what brings you joy.

The truth is, a lot of people keep stuck under clutter, busyness and debt because they don’t want to ask the questions. They don’t want to invite change into their lives, even if it might be good change. Often if people suspect they aren’t happy where they are right now, they will ramp up the time commitments so they don’t have to deal with things. Not necessarily consiously.

I hope you keep growing, learning and being joyful Victoria. And if the rest of you haven’t reached nirvana yet, what might you be hiding?


The declutter group starts soon if you want to uncover your clutter.

Photo credit: Kwefeldein