What is the real reason you aren’t getting the life you want?


"I’m not living the life I want because I have no time." "My family demands too much of me." "I have no energy because of health problems." "This recession has made being abundant impossible."

It’s easy to show obstacles as excuses for not having the life we want. But, if we are honest, most of the problem is our daily choices. Our habits.

We want financial success, but then don’t focus at work, pay bills on time or organize the financial paperwork.

We want energy, but don’t plan meals or exercise and choose to watch TV instead of more active pursuits.

We long for a more serene home, yet decide we are too lazy or disorganized to make changes in that area.

Perhaps a goal is to start a new business or learn a different language. But, we always put off doing the activities that would produce those outcomes.

For whatever you want in life, the keys are creating new habits and making better daily choices.

If you want support with that, my habits and daily rhythms class starts Monday, (see below).



Habits and Rhythms 4-week class

Clean Kitchen
Starts Monday August 5

I asked my readers what class they would like and they said one that combines what they’ve learned in the time, finance, declutter and self-care classes to help create habits and rhythms.

It’s time to put it all together.

Even if you haven’t taken the other classes, this will be a great class to create those habits you have wanted to create.

Format: Weekly chat sessions at 8pm ET Mondays (transcript is sent if you can’t attend)

Then we can check in as much as you would like for accountability in the private facebook group. This will be where you really make the changes. If you have been wanting to make habits stick, but they don’t seem to stick on your own, the support may be what you need.

As this is a pilot program  the class will only be $17. So if you have been wanting to try one of my classes this is a great one to start with.

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