What Makes You Laugh?


Joy Diet

Jamie Ridler is doing the Joy Diet by Martha Beck as a book club and I am joining in the reading.

This chapter is all about laughter. Beck gives us the charge to laugh 30 times a day. Like Beck, my daughter says I am one of those "easily amused" people.

Today I laughed:

  • turning around 3 times before getting to the right spot with a friend
  • when my motorcycle helmet steamed up with my breath
  • watching White Collar
  • at cat antics
  • listening to a joke my son said
  • at the way my daughter said something
  • during a group where I was meeting new people
  • running into something
  • at the flip of my collar
  • watching someone else laugh

What makes you laugh?



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  • Love your list. Okay, what makes me laugh?

    1. My Best Friend’s Wedding
    2. Dion
    3. The way Kendra can cry but her father just has to look at her and she’s all smiley again
    4. When Connor is hungry and goes after that bottle like a dog after a piece of meat – you have to see it
    5. watching people drive – it beats getting cross

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