What should I wear today?


Here is a video I put together to show my method for finding what to wear today. I apologize for the times I thought I was showing you something but the video was off. Still getting used to taking videos.

This method involves using catalogs as jumping off points to figuring out what to wear. I didn’t mention in the video that if you have a specific event and already know what you want to wear – go with it. Often the outfit I end up with looks nothing like the catalog, but I’ve usually used something from the picture whether it’s a color or type of clothing like a skirt. The catalog is just the catalyst for my creativity making it faster to pick out clothes.

You also get a look at my little closet. I’ve had to cull my wardrobe so it only has colors that look good on me with styles and fit that work best with my body type and personality.


  • I love this! I can see this being especially useful for people that have a hard time with decision making.

    I’ve taken some of the decision making out of my wardrobe by choosing clothes that are all very similar. For work it’s khakis and a polo. My khakis are all exactly the same, so it’s just a matter of picking a shirt. For evenings and weekends it’s mostly tan colored shorts and a tshirt or polo.

  • Kim Holt says:

    What a great idea Beth! Loved this
    Now I know what to do with all those brochures and catalogues that come in the mail.

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