What To Ask When Plans Fall Through

I worked Sunday after church so my daughter and I could go to the beach, Monday. She rarely has weekends off so I usually see her during the week.

I got the beach bag ready. On Saturday we had bought yellow squash, green beans and corn at the Farmer’s Market for lunch. I was really looking forward to beach day.

Late Sunday night she called and said she couldn’t go to the beach after all.

I spent a few minutes disappointed – then asked my usual question when things don’t go as planned.

"What’s good about this?"

Since I did work on the weekend, Monday would be a perfect day to get outstanding items done from my to do list. Those things I want to do, but are a lower priority so I haven’t completed them yet. Things like clean up my website sidebar, mop the floor and make some calls.

I also asked, "How can I get part of what I want?"

I decided to get up early and walk along the beach at Lake Michigan. Afterwards, I sat on a bench to write and have quiet time. I wrote this in a notebook while watching boats and seagulls.

In July, my husband and I went to Drummond Island in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I wanted to figure out whether he wanted to go alone so he could do more bouncing around in the Jeep than I would like or if he wanted company.

So I told him I would be fine either way. I thought of the good in both situations. If my husband left without me, I would stay home, do a little retreat and lots of reading. If we went together, we would have a connecting time in nature. Once he saw I was o.k. either way, he finally admitted he wanted me to come with as it’s a long Jeep ride alone. We had a wonderful time.

Each time my husband switched shifts, I would ask what is good about this shift. (And there were a lot of shift changes for many years.)

Next time your plans fall through or change, try asking, "What’s good about this?"


Pix by Jeff Dargis, Drummond Island