What To Do When You Are So Busy You Don’t Know Where To Start

It’s been an extra busy couple of weeks. So what kept me sane?

  • Having at least 15 min of quiet time every morning
  • Missing a couple evening meetings
  • Taking walks in the afternoon or evening with my family
  • Looking at the to do list the night before and writing on a small piece of paper the top 5. I leave it right in front of my computer for the next day.
  • Taking time out with a friend
  • Saying no to a request
  • Having the family help out making dinner
  • Writing gratitudes daily in my journal before bed
  • Setting intentions before working on each of my projects ie (I intend to be focused. or joyful. or loving. or detailed.)
  • Renegotiating a deadline
  • Taking breaks for a minute or two

What do you do when things are extra busy?