What to Do with an Ultra Busy Week


This week I had lots of events and meetings with school starting, church activities beginning, a new group forming, etc. I almost never have something every day and this week I had more than one event a day.

So how does one deal with this type of week?

  • I start by never saying how busy I am. I don’t need to make myself feel any more overwhelmed.
  • Next, I cut down on all but basic home care and turn off personal projects for the week.
  • I make sure I continue my quiet time and exercise first thing in the morning and get to bed on time so I have enough energy for the week.
  • Meals are super simple – soup and grilled cheese, frozen pizza with a salad, etc. and planned the weekend before.
  • I answer only important or urgent email.
  • Less important things like reading blogs in my Google Reader, watching TV, and reading magazines are put aside until next week.

If I find myself with too many weeks like this, I know it’s time to cut back. But, we all have seasons or weeks in our lives like this. Next week – catch up time.

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