What to Do with No Internet

My internet/network access went down on Wed afternoon. I got it back about an hour ago. Not only was the internet out, but I was caught in that weird Midwest weather. We would be brightly sunny, then 5 minutes later high winds and severe thunderstorms. Over and over. So I stayed in most of the time.
I went out only to the library to do my work – and only an hour a day. I quickly learned what has priority for work.

Then I was looking at a lot more free time. After some brief withdrawal systems I found ways to occupy my time.

The teens and I (my 13 year old informed me I can’t call them kids now LOL) had a dance party late into the night and told each other jokes and funny stories.

I got through all my paperwork, reorganized my closet, decluttered two kitchen cabinets, and cleared off a kitchen counter.

We watched movies as the thunderstorms came through our area.

Exercised every day – no excuses. Darn!

Caught up on letters and made some cards.

Had family over on a weekday.

Spent two long, relaxing nights with my husband.

Finished a novel and started on another.

Paid bills and played with the budget.

Played with the cat.

Experimented with some new recipes.

Played the piano and played name that singer with my son.

The time off from the computer was like a few day retreat.

I do the things above when I can, but to do them all at once felt decadent. I also realized I want to find ways to streamline my computer work, so I have more time outside the screen.

What would you do with time away from your computer?