What To Do With the Daily Papers?


One of the participants of the Declutter Group has been doing excellent at decluttering her papers, but had a question of the papers that come into your home daily.


I have an on top of the desk file system that has folders for each of the family members, bills to pay, data entry for the computer, and current projects.

Then I have an accordian tickler file for daily items. They are
numbered 1-31 and I use them for things like tickets, people to call
on a certain day, field trip notices, band information and things I
want to do. It looks similar to this:


Things for a certain month like vacation plans and holiday ideas go
into the month folders.

Every morning I check the tickler file for things I need to do that day.

On Fridays I pay the bills, do data entry and tackle many of the paper items.


To see how I would handle mail coming in you can read this article I wrote for Online Organizing:

How to Set Up a Mail System



  • ~Robin says:

    I stand over the trash and throw out *immediately* what I can safely pitch, then go to the shredder for stuff with personal info-I used to save it all in a brown bag to burn but the shredder is handy. As for newspapers, I donate a load to a paperdrive once a year, and the rest of the year save em up and take to local recycler.

  • Marcia says:

    How weird, Beth – my newsletter’s set to go out tomorrow and the title is …the only 4 things to do with paper 🙂

  • Beth says:

    That is so funny Marcia.

    Thanks for your ideas Robin!

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