What You Can Learn From Having One Bathroom


We live in a 90 year old house. The only thing I wasn’t thrilled about with the house was that it only has one bathroom. When the house was first built there wasn’t even an indoor bathroom. The shower was put into an old closet. But, you can learn a lot from having only one bathroom.

  • Patience – you don’t always get to go when you want to
  • Planning ahead – who do you need to wake up when to get to church on time. Timing is everything.
  • Cleaning up after yourself – everyone puts away their hairbrushes, face cleansers and toothbrushes when they are done. There is just not enough room on the sink for everyone’s stuff.
  • Close cabinets doors and doors on medicine cabinets or someone will hit their head
  • Have a big enough trashcan for the whole family
  • Put down the toilet lid when you flush
  • You can brush your teeth and comb your hair at the same time
  • Take quick showers
  • Sprinting techniques to get to the bathroom first
  • How to sabotage said sprinting techniques
  • Shelves in the bathroom need to be organized for speed
  • Night showers are as good as morning showers.
  • Gratitude. Outhouses are not all that. Plumbing is amazing.

  • J Casillas says:

    Hi Beth- We too have only 1 bathroom and when everyone was home that included 3 girls. We managed also; we really didn’t know any different. Everyone had a mirror in their room and that is where you got ready, not in the bathroom. It worked for us!

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