When Life Isn’t Simple


OK, I have to admit, all of the sudden my life is not so simple.

Opportunities came and I took them. So now I am working on a couple speeches for a couple groups, planning a spring retreat, working with the declutter club, building a web site for someone and helping someone launch their book.

And for some reason Feb is the month we have dentist appointments all over the place, I need to go to the DMV, I’m making dinner for 28 robotics teens, and selling flip flops for my son’s all nighter. Someone mentioned planning for their graduation party in June and I started panicking. I’m supposed to start that already?

Then there is my work, family, friends, home and volunteering of normal.

So I have been doing lots of planning and thinking this weekend and came up with some ideas to prevent overwhelm:

  • Remember that most of "too busy" is all in my head
  • Keep the vision of why I want to do the things I decided to do
  • Make easy meals and have my teens cook some
  • Use something I did for a teleseminar for the speeches
  • Get my haircut the day of the first speech so I don’t have to worry about my hair
  • Make sure quiet time and exercise are first things of the day so my self care doesn’t fly out the window
  • Take lots of breathing breaks
  • Scheduled some fun/downtime
  • Make sure I do my weekly and daily planning
  • Keep deciding on the next right step to take
  • Ask for help
  • Let go of perfectionistic ideals

What can you do to prevent overwhelm this coming month?


Photo by Shawn Zlea



  • Stevecrane says:

    A REALLY helpful and well-timed post.I’m feeling overwhelmed too and your words are truly inspiring.THANKS!

  • Renee Brown says:

    This is such good advice and bears repeating…over & over! I, too, find that I make things worse in my head (“I am SO busy!”) and then anxiety kicks in.
    Thanks for sharing these great thoughts. We could all stand to be kinder to ourselves 🙂

  • Rosemarie says:

    What a timely piece – I’ve just decided that February is ‘clear the decks’ month – I’m not taking on anything else until current jobs are cleared. Anything unexpected of course I cannot do anything about but we had so much ‘unexpected’ in January, I’m hoping we’re due a quiet patch! Love your suggestions – I’m putting them on a little text file on my desktop so they appear each time I log on.

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