Where Are You Needed?


People in general love to spend time helping others. It feels good to serve and make an impact. But overscheduling makes aiding your community difficult.

If your schedule has no spots to breathe and a friend that needs you calls, it’s much harder to drop everything to help or listen.

You may have a cause you care about but you are so tired from work that you spend two hours a night watching TV instead. “Maybe I can write a check instead,” you think.

You are taking kids back and forth to sports events and extracurricular activities. You know it would be great to teach them how to care for others, but you don’t want them losing out on things that would be good to put on a college application.

What can you let go of to provide that cushion in your schedule for opportunities to serve that just show up? Or where in your schedule can you find an hour a week to help someone? How can you raise your energy, so you can be there for someone?

How can you make serving part of your daily life? Hint, you need to be paying attention and not going through the day with blinders on.

I know so many people that love to serve, but over-volunteer because they can’t say no. That doesn’t work either because people will come into your life unexpectedly that may need you. And you won’t have the capacity. Don’t volunteer for everything. Volunteer because of your heart.

Sometimes the best service is being open to other’s needs in the moment. We know two people that were between jobs so when I cooked too much we brought food over letting them know we just can’t eat it all. Perhaps a new mom mentions how overwhelmed she is. You could babysit for an hour or two to give her respite. Can you talk to a teenager struggling with direction? Or could you play cards with an elderly shut-in?

Keep an eye out this week for where you might be needed.


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