Where Do You Find Pockets of Peace?

Since so many of us live hectic lives, we all need pockets of peace. It can be a hammock you lay on for a few minutes. Or a novel you love to immerse yourself in.

Do you have a favorite chair in which you can surround yourself in peace? Do you have a window that you can look through to see a beautiful picture? Out our kitchen window we can see the birds, squirrels and flowers in our backyard as we do dishes.

Morning quiet time can be a pocket of peace. As can driving to work without the radio and only your thoughts to keep you company. Or a tiny afternoon nap.

Hobbies, nature walks and serene music can all bring some peace into your life. But, you need to deliberately place these in your life. Life is chaotic. Peace rarely finds you. You need to find it.

And be open to the times peace does find you. A sunset on the drive home. Noticing a quiet house. Standing in line – the first time you stood still all day.

Create at least one pocket of peace today.

Pocket of Peace in Nature