Who Am I without my Roles?


Photo by Liz Jones

One reason people keep going too fast, is they don’t know who they are if they are not doing and being busy. If they said, "No," who would they be?

Here are some ideas to remind yourself that  you are a person, not just a doer:

  • Spend at least 5 minutes a day by yourself. Even if you don’t have time to journal, get a notebook and ask yourself questions, like the ones by Style Statement authors Carrie and Danielle or Jennifer Louden’s Life Organizer Just one question a day will help you rediscover yourself.
  • Make it a habit when there is a choice, ask yourself to choose. If your husband asks where you want to go to eat, pause, ask yourself and find out the answer. When you have a choice between two colors, consciously choose which color draws you. Then you get to choose whether or not to voice your choice.
  • Take a couple hours at least once a month to do what you feel like doing – no schedule, no to do’s. Just keep asking yourself what you want to do (or not do) next.
  • Sit with a song and just listen without doing other things.
  • Make a list of what you love and refer to it often.
  • Next time you sit for a minute then right away feel you need to jump up and do something, try sitting an extra minute.

Who you are when you do things is more important than how much you get done. If your hurry is making you irritable or impatient, it may not be worth it.