Who You Are is More Important Than What You Do

How do you want to affect others? How do you affect others?

One of the main reasons I want people to take care of themselves and have a little fun, is how they treat other people.

Overextending yourself, guilting yourself every time you do something "unproductive", skimping on sleep, exercise and good food does not make you a better person. Normally it makes you crabby, tired and uninspiring.

If you get tons done every day, but are rude and impatient with people and snappy with your family is your hard work worth it?

Even Mother Teresa made sure she was renewed by her time with the Lord. She was considered one of the most joyful people.

You can work hard and work to serve others, but pay attention to your actions and how you treat others. When you don’t like how you are acting, it may be time for a time out – to pray, relax, have fun, connect with a friend. Then you can get back to affecting others in a good way.



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