Why are my goals taking so much time?

why are my goals taking so long

I was deep cleaning my room over the weekend when I came across old notebooks that had goals written in from 10 years ago. I was surprised that most of them were accomplished.

At the time when I was tracking them I rarely made my deadlines. I would get mad at myself for taking so long.

I am sure you have the same thing with your goals. Maybe you had your SMART goals set up with your timeline and action steps for decluttering, or a home project or getting your finances in order.

Often other priorities get in the way, or we lose interest and start a new goal or project.

But, I found if you steadily keep at a project, it gets done. Even if you don’t hit all the deadlines. Even if you have to go back to the project over and over again. Often we find goals take longer than we think if we are trying to fit them into regular life. We overestimate what we can do in a day.

Yet over the course of months or years we can get there.

What goal do you have that you could chip away at this week? Wouldn’t it be great to look back on your goals a few years from now knowing you did them even if it wasn’t as fast as you thought they should happen?

(If Decluttering has been one of those goals, you can get some planning, support and accountability with the Declutter Group starting Oct 5th.)