Why are you complicating your life?

We all know our lives could be simpler and less complicated. But, somehow we let our lives become overcomplicated. Matthew Kelly, in his book Perfectly Yourself gives 4 reasons we complicate our lives.

1. We don’t know what we really want. Usually we know what we don’t want. But, sometimes it is harder to pinpoint what we do want.

2. We don’t have a clear sense of purpose in our lives. If we don’t know our value, our talents and what types of things we are made for, we will do anything. But, once you know yourself and your purpose, you can narrow down your commitments.

3. We are scared of missing out on something. So we say yes to everything. But, when we say yes to everything, we miss out on the best for ourselves.

4. We want to be distracted from the real challenges of the inner life. If you are too busy you won’t need to worry about questions like, “What am I here for?”. “Am I really happy?” and “Am I the best person I can be?”

Your life is yours. You get to choose what you will and will not do. Which of these reasons resonated with you as a reason your life has become overcomplicated? What will you do about it?