Why I Blog

Why I Blog has been asked and answered¬ by many bloggers lately. The Stubborn Capitalist¬ (a great personal finance blogger) has tagged me to answer that question.

Why I Blog:

Teaching- My Mom and Grandma have both been teachers and I inherited the love of passing on information I learn. I get excited about a nugget of information I read about, experiment with, or discover and I want to share it.

Ingraining the information in myself- The more I write about something, the more it becomes ingrained in who I am. Making it easier to make the right choices.

Sharing growth – Sometimes I use the blog to document my progress in an area and get people to join me – like the 30 day spending fast. It’s always more fun to make a change with others as we support each other.

Writing is in my blood¬ – I have been journaling offline and in recent years online. I can’t seem to help myself.

And now I will tag some people to let us know why they blog:

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