Why I’m not a minimalist

People often inquire about or assume that because I advocate for simpler living I must be a minimalist.

For me, a minimalist takes the process of simplifying and makes minimalism the end product. The goal. They may work to only have 100 things. Or a 10 piece traveling wardrobe. Or nothing on the kitchen counters.


It takes a lot of work, thought and energy. You may save some money if you are an extreme couponer, but it also takes tons of time.

That isn’t to say minimalism is bad. If it is fun for you and a passion, go ahead.

I want to be organized, simplified and decluttered enough to live life smoothly. I don’t want to give it tons of attention. I don’t want it to be another thing where I try to be perfect. I don’t want to fall into comparing myself based on how little stuff I have or feel guilty if I have some useless items I like around the house.

I certainly don’t want to pack a 2-week vacation into a backpack. I could use that time and energy to plan a fun vacation.

I only have so much energy. I use simplifying as a way to save energy for what’s important. For me, that’s not counting my possessions.

Photo by: Genevra Kindon