Why You Won’t Slow Down

Tell yourself the truth. What is the real reason you don’t have a simpler life? Why do you have too much to do? Why do you want to keep busy?

Often people’s lives aren’t simpler because they make excuses like, "Work won’t let me" or "Everyone needs me." When the truth is, you haven’t asked work. Or you haven’t admitted you love the feeling of being needed.

Maybe you feel important when you have too much to do. The work is making you feel invaluable. Maybe pride has you keeping up with the Kardashians. Or at least that obnoxious neighbor who is always bragging about his latest aquisition.

Does stillness or space make you uneasy? You may not want to feel those feelings you have been stuffing behind doing.

You could be hiding some perfectionism – if everything you do is not perfect it would be devastating. So you have to keep moving to get it all done.

Or you might be worried no one would like you, if you said no. Or maybe you will be left out if you start to slow down.

Busyness is often a way to try to get our needs met. But, we don’t like admitting we have needs, much less delve down to find out what they are.

Spend a little time today journaling or sitting quietly for a few minutes to ask yourself, "What is the real reason I don’t have a simpler life?" This is the tough part of simplifying – telling yourself the truth.