Will your beliefs let you simplify?

In my time class we’ve been talking about how difficult it is not to stay super busy. Often people feel so guilty when they slow down. It’s usually because they are listening to these kinds of beliefs:

  • I show my value by how much I get done
  • Working hard is more important than who I am
  • Imperfection will make me less lovable.

A speaker in my Sunday School class today was talking about playing horse with the grandkids. They don’t care how hard he works or what is does. They love him for him and all they want is for him to be present.

But, you have to work through the programming most of us grew up with to be present, to slow down, to simplify.

We are valuable because we are, not because of what we do.

It’s not better to be a hurried, impatient person just because you get more done.

People love us, but not because of what we do or because we do everything right. People love us to connect.

What beliefs do you want to play with sorting out?