Work with Love

Somehow last week a bunch of client projects happened at once. I was working long hours. The first day of this I didn’t take my breaks, I worked fast and was annoyed most of the day. I ended my work with a migraine.

So the rest of the week I reminded myself to work with love. These weren’t just tasks I was doing. Someone on the other end was going to be helped by them. I thought about the pressures clients were putting on themselves to make things urgent which brought out feelings of empathy. I radiated love as I did support emails. I prayed before each call and project.

I also sent love to myself. I took my breaks. I ate lunch at the kitchen table not my desk. And I gave myself compassion when feelings of overwhelm arose.

I was even more productive, had a ton more energy and my migraines went away.

When you see your week ahead, where can you work with love? What would that mean to you?



Photo by Giuliano Maiolini