Workflowy – for the stuff in your head


I’ve been using Workflowy for a few months now. It’s a to do list, project list and note list in one.

And it’s very simple.

You type. And if you want another level you tab over.

Here is what part of my workflowy looks like:


You can use this sign # to create tags. Most of my tags are days of the week. But, you can tag subject lines and other things for easy searching. So if I want to know what to do Monday I search #Mon and all those tags show up.

You don’t have to see everything at once. Clicking the plus sign next to the bullet let’s you see more of the tree. Clicking the minus next to a bullet, collapses the tree. As you can see with many of the bullets above, a grey circle surrounds the bullet. That means there is more to see if you click the plus sign. Hovering over the bullet lets you complete the task, add a note, share, export, duplicate or delete.

You can drag and drop bullets for easy re-organizing.

I love being able to break down a project into smaller steps. And then collapsing the project so I don’t have to see all the steps all the time. And it’s flexible. I can use it how my mind works.

Under Vision I have my goals and my planning checklists like weekly planning, monthly planning and seasonal planning.

I include someday lists under each category for projects I may want to do in the future. I only have a few projects going at once or none will get completed.

It runs in a browser, so anywhere you get the web you can get your Workflowy. There is also an iPhone app.

Here’s a little video on it:

It’s free for up to 500 items a month and $49 a year for the pro version.

You can check it out here: Workflowy