Working For or Against Yourself?


I’ve been talking about mindset with some of my clients this week. Most of us don’t realize how important it is for success in whatever endeavor you are doing.

If you are trying to declutter and organize, if you begin your session feeling overwhelmed you only lose energy. You quit faster. And you may not start at all.

If you begin a workout thinking you are fat, out of shape and will never get stronger it’s harder to get the gumption to try. You start comparing yourself to others at the gym. And the next time you don’t even get to the gym.

If you are starting a new business, and concentrate on the overwhelm and big to do list you may procrastinate. A lot.

When you are in a negative mindset, things don’t seem to flow as well. You feel stuck or tasks feel difficult.

What is it that you are working on?

First thing is to change "working on" to "playing with". Which sounds easier, "Working on losing weight" or "Playing with losing weight."?

Next before you do your next task for your goal, stop. Ask yourself how you are feeling about this. Or feel in your body how you are feeling about this. Any jaw clenching? Knots in the stomach? Shallow breathing?

Take a couple deep breaths and visualize the outcome you want to have. See the stronger body. See the beautiful decluttered end table. See you helping others.

Then check your self-talk and counter any negativity. Instead of, "This room is so decluttered, I don’t know where to start," say, "Anywhere I start will get me closer to a decluttered room. I’ll start at the door and do one small pile today."

Sure you can accomplish things with a negative mindset, but it is easier if you are working with yourself instead of against yourself.


Get into the flow


  • Sherrie says:

    Oh how I needed to hear this today. I tried to de-clutter my room and I got off to a good start but then I just felt like I was moving piles from one place to another and gave up. I will try to put some of this into place and tackle it again.

  • Maggie says:

    I started tossing paper files this weekend. I tend to print things at work and bring them home to read only to fill up a bag and leave it and bring another one to work and then that gets filled up with things. I have more than 5 of these bags at home and decided to begin emptying them out this weekend. I tossed a huge bag of paper but still ended up with a pile of paper which I divided into sections (medical, recipes, housework hints, and sewing)for reviewing further. While I didn’t get as much done as I thought I would, I still made a dent. Every evening this week, I plan to go through another bag or pile and hopefully, I will begin to see some space in my bedroom. Thanks, Beth, for the encouragement I see in all your notes and to your other readers who also provide some insight into their progress.

  • Beth says:

    Yes, if you keep it up Maggie, you will see progress!

  • Beth says:

    So glad to see you are going to tackle the room again, Sherrie.

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