Working through Sickness

Recently I was sick with a cold. You know the kind – you can keep going, you just feel tired and miserable the whole time.

The first couple days I kept going. I didn’t want everything to fall down on me. 

Turns out that is pretty arrogant and I decided the world could do without me for a couple days. I took to the bed and couch with books and movies.

I had to keep talking the guilt away by telling myself I would get better faster if I actually relaxed. Usually there is a fear behind continuing to work.

It’s easy to think that if I’m not working, than I’m being rather useless. But, working is only part of my life. I don’t want to be addicted to productivity. Working through sickness will not show I am stronger or better or more selfless.

I remember when the kids were little, getting sick wasn’t allowed. I think now I would have gotten a babysitter. Because if you give the kids something than you are taking care of them before you are even better yourself.

I read in a forum about a mom that was sick and letting the kid watch TV & the other moms were saying suck it up and do something with the kid.

I couldn’t believe how judgmental they were. (Of course, that’s pretty judgmental of me to judge their judging.)


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were compassionate with one another? Instead of saying things like, "Sure you were sick. Hope you had a nice time while I was working." And not expecting a spotless house when someone is sick.

How can you be compassionate with yourself and with others around sickness?


Photograph by Lepiaf Geo