Would You Like to Be 17 Again?

Yesterday I was watching the DVD of 17 Again with my two teenagers and one of my son’s friends. The story has to do with a guy who makes a choice at 17 and goes through life complaining about where that choice took him. Then he gets a chance to try again.

I’ve known people that constantly think about their past and different paths they could have taken that would have guaranteed their happiness today.

How about you? Do you have a story about if had married that other person your life would be so much better? Or gone to a different school? Or chosen a different job?  If only you hadn’t moved. Or if only you had moved.

We have so many choices and different paths to take. You don’t know how your life would have ended up.

All the "I should have…", "I wish I had…" and "Why did I…’"s will not make you happy. Instead they are stealing the happiness from the life you are living now.

Staying in the past is just an excuse for why you can’t get the life you want. Maybe you did make choices that make the life you want more difficult to get. Or maybe this is the path that is best for you in the long run. Many times what we think we want that will make us happy is not what we really need. What’s great about your life right now?

If you want your life to be different, start with where you are now. How can you make today better? How can you improve your job or make changes towards a different career? How can you make your marriage closer and support one another? How can you get to know your kids more?

Are you ready to give up your story?