You aren’t losing, you are gaining when you declutter


When people think about decluttering, often they focus on what they are losing. What thing they really want to hold onto they think that they should give away. Letting go of something they might need some day. Giving away stuff they paid for.

First of all, you never have to de-clutter anything. It’s not a should. No one else can tell you what to keep and what to give away. It’s in your control.

What if you re-framed decluttering to be what will you gain?

  • More energy
  • More space to move around and live life
  • Healthier families if people feel less suffocated by stuff
  • Better friendships when you don’t mind if people drop by or you invite more people into your home
  • More money as you sell things, uncover lost checks, pay bills on time and notice clutter so you spend less at the store.

What will you gain if you declutter?


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  • Jeanne Cochran says:

    I recognize that I have a fear of “running out,” so I love the idea of re-framing decluttering to remembering what I will GAIN by doing so!

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