Your heart and self-care



If you are feeling dry and stale or thinking that your life is nothing but drudgery, a great question to ask is,

“Where is my heart?”

When you disconnect what you do with purpose, your senses or joy, you dry out.

Does your work feel like nothing but to dos that you don’t want to do? If you are working, you must be serving someone or no one would pay you. Who are you serving? Whose life are you making better?

If you don’t like working where you are right now, how can you bring more fun or beauty into your work? Perhaps you can you organize your space, put something beautiful in the space or wear ear plugs to drown out annoying noise. Maybe you need an aromatherapy pillow. Can you notice how your character is improving in this situation or notice where you are growing?

If you are parenting, Remember you are trying to bring up kids of character and responsibility instead of remembering that they are being a real pain right now. Seeing how you want them to turn out pulls you from the dailyness of taking care of kids. You can also try taking part of the parenting time to relax and play with them. So it’s not all work for you or them.

When you do housework are you focused only on, “I have to do dishes AGAIN?” or do you see the outcome of the clean kitchen. Think of how you are nurturing you and your family. Or enjoying creating beauty. You can allow yourself to gaze for a second or two in appreciation of the newly polished kitchen table. Using natural cleansers with pleasant scents makes cleaning more enjoyable. As does music.

As you go throughout your day, keep asking, “Where is my heart?” Bring joy, beauty or purpose to whatever you do.

Then see if your life is juicier.

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  • Mary Kayser says:

    This is one of the best articles I have ever read. I really needed this! Thanks!

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Thanks so much, Mary!

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