Your Life Is Good Enough


Our tulips this year

Our real life really is good enough for happiness. We could be happy playing with our kids, cutting up fruit for a fruit salad or sitting on the porch reading a book. But our real life is interrupted by our future life. We aren’t immersed in cooking dinner – we are hurrying so we can get to chores, soccer practice and homework. We don’t see the cardinal because we are only trying to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Yet so often our moments of happiness occur between those two points.

We add so much to our lives because we don’t think our lives are good enough. We sign our kids up for every class under the sun because we think they won’t be good enough to compete in life. If we took moments to teach character, critical thinking and a work ethic I think they would be far more ahead than participating in a bunch of extracurricular activities they will never use again.

We buy stuff we don’t need to impress our friends – or even people we don’t like. But, we could be happy playing at a park.

We get on boards and go to meetings to "get ahead." When we could be happy at work if we thought about the people we were helping and doing really well on our current project.

I’ve had a lovely real life day. I enjoyed my shower with my mandarin orange shower gel I just opened. I worked with intention and lightness. For a break I browsed a book store looking at every single book in one of the sections. I stopped by the butcher that I had never been to, to see what they had. I did some more work and connected with a couple friends. The windows were open to let the cool breeze in when I picked my daughter up from school. We talked before she took off. I read outside in the sunshine. A cardinal perched near where I sat and I put my book down to watch. My husband and I talked as he worked on the truck. I ate juicy sweet strawberries from our strawberry plant. I did a little more work before cutting up zucchini for dinner. I did dishes with the windows open, watching the squirrels and birds by our feeders in the backyard. And now I write.

I allowed myself to enjoy what could be just a regular day.

What would a real life day be for you?