Your Precious, Ordinary Life

My Mom died this past weekend after her summer-long encounter with cancer. Death is always a big reminder to live.  To enjoy your precious, ordinary life.

I don’t want you to get to the end of your life and realize you were never satisfied with yourself or your life. In your quest to better your life that you never felt the peace of the moment.  I don’t want you to constantly compare yourself to others. I don’t want you to strive for that extraordinary life while ignoring the beauties you have now.

Allow yourself to be content sometimes.

Being content does not mean you aren’t trying to be better, but that you realize it’s a journey and you can say now, “You are enough.” “My life is enough.”

I want you to see the flowers and sunset, allowing them to fill you with joy. I want you to express your love for those around you, letting go of petty arguments. I want you to enjoy your food, instead of always counting the calories.

Forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t allow them to haunt you for years. Forgive others. Love the stranger and the friend as well as you can.

Who do you want to be? Concentrate on that more than the actions. Your to do’s will come from who you want to be.

Take this life you have now. Embrace it. See the joy and the love.