Zero Waste Home


I am reading the book Zero Waste Home [aff link]  by Bea Johnson that I got from the library. The book is all about simplifying life by reducing what you throw out. Some ideas from Bea:

  • Watch what you bring in the house like disposable stuff, freebies and junk mail.
  • Reduce what you need: shop less, declutter, reduce packaging, drive less, print less, watch less media that makes us want to consume
  • Re-use: bags, use a re-chargeable, re-usuable or refillable alternative for disposables, borrow, barter, buy used, repair, re-think an object
  • Recycle – and think about what will happen at the end of a product life before you buy it. can tell you where to recycle hard to recycle items
  • Compost
  • Rags instead of paper towels, stainless steel water bottle instead of disposable water bottles, reusable jars and containers instead of plastic bags, cloth napkins
  • Empty leftover drinking water to plants
  • Use smart power trips for your electronics so they reduce energy consumption
  • Create notebooks out of old school papers
  • Read magazines online or on an e-reader instead of bringing them home
  • Use online billing
  • Clean your fridge filters twice a year for better efficiency
  • Drip irrigation uses 50% less water than sprinklers
  • Turn the shower on to get wet, turn it off when washing and shampooing, then back on the rinse

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