Are you looking forward to your year of responsibilities and duties?


I wanted to take lots of hikes on this warmer-than-usual time between Christmas and New Year’s. I wanted to go to a dance party last night. I wanted to have Christmas Dinner at my in-laws.

Instead, I have been sniffling, coughing, and cuddling under blankets.

Under blankets, I read. One book, Four Thousand Weeks, reminded me that you won’t find time in your day for your top priorities. You have to put them in at the top. The reason we don’t, is we don’t want to admit that this means we will need to say no to things.

That goes for annual planning to. If we want to have a life beyond the basic responsibilities of life and our must-dos, we have to put our choices in, preferably at the beginning of the year.

And then we have to admit, we may well disappoint people who want us to help create their lives, but don’t want to give us time for our own life experiences. We’ll have to say no to other duties, so we can do our meaningful and renewing parts of life.

This may be the year you concentrate on your health and let go of social media. Maybe this is the year you start homeschooling and let the house go a bit. Or you decide to volunteer for a non-profit and let go of one extracurricular activity the kids are in.

You don’t want to try to do “all the things.” But, you can pick a few that you are longing to do (or perhaps this is the year you decide to not-do). Feel alive and not duty-bound by making those hard choices. By letting certain things go or do less of. Be willing to disappoint people to fulfill your potential and great good you can do in this world.

Now that I have turned the corner and am getting over this cold, I have been doing my annual planning. After reading that passage in Four Thousand Weeks, I was reminded again that it’s up to me to create my life, or duties, responsibilities and people-pleasing will create it for me.

What would your life feel like if you were doing more significant, worthwhile, invigorating and/or restorative activities? Or less of things you “should” do?

Together we can do that. Join me on a call January 3 at 5pm ET where we can plan together for a year beyond tiring shoulds and duties. And make choices to simplify our year. Sign up here: Simple Annual Plan with Planning Party ($24 for plan with call and $12 for just the plan).

I just read 5 books to my grandson, so I know my voice is back 🙂 Join me!

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