• A big part of our jobs as parents is to teach the kids to be able to live on their own. So when you have kids in a zillion after school activities and sports but no time to help at home you may have a kid that can kick a soccer ball, but not

  • A reader said a friend of hers had been trying to implement the habit of cleaning up as she goes, but a 1 year old and a husband were making the work go backwards. When your kids are between 1 and 3 especially it’s really hard to keep

  • A tale of two mornings Her alarm goes off. She hits the snooze. Stayed up too late last night. The alarm goes off, she hits the snooze again. The third time the alarm clock almost ends up being thrown, but instead she grudgingly gets out of bed.

  • My 18 year old son was looking for his first car. He wanted us to check out one of his choices. My husband said he wouldn’t buy that car and told him all the things wrong with it. We had found a couple much better choices and showed him. I