• I love to read so when my friend asked me if I had any reading goals this year I told her no. Yet looking at how many books I finished last year, I completed half as I usually do in a year. I was suffering from shiny new book syndrome. I love

  • In a recent Weekly Simplicity Tips, I mentioned having “places for books, papers, mail, and stationary supplies.” Tracy wants to know where those places are for you. For me I have a bookshelf in my closet for health and home books. A shelf in my

  • I love to learn. Information is like catnip to me.  So in order not to drown in information, I have had to systemize things. Library Books For instance, when I get library books, I look at how many pages the book is and how many days I have

  • Some people collect knick-knacks. Some people buy an abundance of clothes or shoes. My vice is books. As a kid I would ride my bike for miles to get to the library. I always asked for books for holidays. When I finally made an income my first