• A friend was saying how she cannot seem to plan anymore since her Dad passed away. I remember having the same feeling when my son was killed. I struggled with, “What’s the point, obviously life will just do what it wants.” I

  • Many people rush into work, whether it’s a out of the house or working at home. Whatever is yelling loudest gets done. Nerves are jangled before you even begin. Since you are already behind you have no time to plan or get in a better head

  • Sometimes the kids or the spouse or the boss don’t tell you things until the last minute. They may not mean to. But often they just forget. One of my favorite questions to counter this is: Is there anything I need to know for…

  • One working woman wonders how she can get her priorities done on the weekend with family and friends clamoring for her attention. First, I want her to know how blessed she is with so many people in her life that love her. But, it’s hard to

  • I’ve talked about Setting Up before – for projects and wins. Usually we aren’t setting up for ourselves. Usually we are cleaning up after ourselves. "Oh, I see we had snacks in the living room last night. I can tell by the

  • How has your life been simpler in 2011? Any changes you made to bring more simplicity into your life? Congratulate yourself on any of these changes. How about for 2012? If you still feel life is too overwhelming and hectic take a few moments to