• A lot has been written lately about unplugging. Taking a day a week or a month at unplug from technology so you can re-connect with yourself and with the ones you love. But are you doing it? Since we don’t see it as a necessity, we can

  • Abrams Falls, Smoky Mountains we visited this June Responsible adults often seem to have lost their love affair with life. In the cult of busyness there is no time for things that aren’t productive. Like going on a nature walk. Singing

  • Holland State Park – Lake Michigan where I often go for renewal 1) Schedule a sabbath weekly – no computer, no shopping, no work, no chores. If taking a full day off is a bit scary, start with one hour a weekend. You will get more

  • Yesterday I had a retreat day and while looking for relaxing background music, I found these soothing videos. Most people find it difficult to sit still and watch for more than a couple minutes. Maybe you can start with the shorter videos and